Our service

Here at J Foster Ltd – Domestic Cleaners we pride ourselves on providing a professional home cleaning service. We are dedicated to providing the right cleaner for you.

We will make an appointment to visit you in your home to get a good idea of what you are looking for and then we will introduce you to the cleaner that best suits your specific requirements.

Our Cleaners

It is a misconception that cleaning is an easy job that anyone can do. In our experience it takes a specific type of person to be a professional domestic cleaner. This is why we are very careful about how we select and vet our cleaners

Our cleaners are the type of people who really enjoy cleaning and get job satisfaction from making your house clean, fresh and homely. They are reliable, friendly and approachable, and will always use their initiative.

The Cleaning

Your cleaner will do the dusting, vacuuming, and the cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms. They can also do the washing, ironing and changing of beds. They will clean to a high standard, paying attention to details such as skirting boards, cobwebs etc.